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Joshika Akhil, Founder

Joshika Akhil, Jayur, founder and CEO

Joshika Akhil founded Jayur in 2016. She is Australian born and has pursued career interests in Europe after completing her studies. After a successful career of 15 years in the Laser and Photonics industry, she made  a decision to follow her childhood passion in Ayurveda and wellness.

Joshika realised that with the skills and experience she developed in the corporate world, coupled with her Indian heritage, she was  in a good position to build on her knowledge and family teachings to give back to the community she was very familiar with: Working professionals who strive for success, achieving their best through long hours and hard work.

After a journey of personal development and re-educating herself in various health and healing platforms around the world she has developed a way to bring holistic or what we call "alternative" health and wellness to that very community. To help guide them to understand themselves and their bodies to bring balance and harmony to their busy lives without disruptive lifestyle changes.

Joshika called on her trusted peers from the corporate world to bring employee wellness and awareness into the cut-throat, High-Tech world of industrial manufacturing.

Through Jayur, she leads retreats, workshops and one-one coaching for some of the worlds most reputable employers including Facebook, National Grid, Microsoft, Intel, TRUMPF US.

Joshika Akhil is a certified Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga instructor,  Meditation teacher and has completed an advanced level certificate in Pranic Healing.

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Jayur brings together ancient philosophies and teachings of Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and energy healing, building a bridge between our fast pasted society and lifestyle demands and the serenity of eastern philosophies almost forgotten.

We provide tools for self empowerment and better mental and physical health  leading to a more healthy, happy and successful lifestyle.

Jayur runs on the philosophy of finding a balance between today's daily routine (and sometimes bad habits) and a more overall happy and healthy lifestyle.

The focus is all about you, your goals and what hinders you from becoming your best self; first we look at your body and your lifestyle choices. After an in depth analysis we provide a personalised guide to the ideal diet, environment and lifestyle for you. Then we discuss how to best build this into your life through subtle changes over time.

The goal is to build a bridge to help you cross life's challenges, giving you the tools to re-engergise yourself and live a positive life.

We like to think of it as an East meets West approach! 

Wellness for all

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Jayur's primary focus is on corporate wellness programs for the workplace.  Our wellness programs are tailored to the business needs (workshops, one-on-one coaching, online support, dietary guidance, weekly self improvement activities, stress management activities, team building mindset, improve focus, employee retention programs, goal orientated meditation and affirmations).

This is done through regular group meditation classes for all levels and if required individual meditation coaching for specific needs. 

We run corporate retreats coupled with business coaching, we often align these with Exec AGMs, strategy meetings or Sales meetings. Contact us for details.

We also offer corporate retreats and events on managing stress, increasing productivity and creativity in the work place, team building, corporate wellness, yoga, self healing and mediation in France, UK, USA India and Spain.

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