10-14 days Ayurvedic detox retreat in India, October 2019


Panchakarma retreat in exotic South India, March 2019

We invite you to join our group trip to a hand picked Ayurvedic Resort in South India.

You will enjoy luxury accommodation in  tropical South India, a full Ayurvedic consultation with expert Ayurvedic Doctors.

You will have an individual treatment program and diet specific to you, your body type and health requirements. The package will include an organic, vegetarian diet, two daily treatments (e.g. massage, cleanse, shirodana, steam bath etc.), all herbal medication (if req), daily yoga sessions,  and meditation classes.

When you leave the center after your Ayurvedic Panchakarma, you will feel a sense of total detoxification and rejuvenation. The health benefits and total relaxation from forgetting the world and leaving everything behind to focus on you, while you enjoy a pampered detox retreat are beyond your imagination!

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We have a limited number of availability for our October retreat, we will therefore operate on a first come, first served basis. 

We have organised a special group great with a trusted and reputable Ayurvedic center. The group are close personal friends of Jayur and have trained our staff in Ayurvedic practices. 

All prices are quoted in twin share, a single supplement of 20%.

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Bordeaux, Gironde, France

+33 (0) 557 83 21 34


Revered Indian yogi to comes to Bordeaux, April 2018


3 Day Yoga and Meditation Workshop

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn about yoga, chakras and meditation techniques with a Yoga Master from India.

This is the first time we have such a distinguished invited guest to lead our yoga program. 

Don't miss the opportunity to meet and learn from this humble yet revered yogi!

Details on each day's program below.

Date: 11-13 April, 2018 

Where:  Espace Chapeau Rouges

9, Cours du Chapeau Rouge, Bordeaux, France 33000

Places are limited so please register below now

About Swami Mahesh

Swami Mahesh is a wandering yogi from Raipur, India. He has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and a Master's in Yoga Philosophy and over 30 years of experience in teaching and practising yoga. Some of his experience includes, lecturing for seven years in Yoga Philosophy at Bihar Yoga Bharati, India's most reputable yoga school, teaching all classical philosophies of Yoga and Tantra, he has guided many thesis and budding yoga teachers who have since become Masters in their own right. As an independent wandering yogi, he travels both nationally and internationally to conduct seminars, workshops and retreats on yoga in various educational, social, and corporate institutions, yoga studios, schools, prisons, and many other facilities. He has conducted yoga workshops at many notable Universities around the world, including the Harvard, Princeton, JFK, Minnesota, UT at Austin, Oregon, Chicago in USA, Cologne and Bremen University in Germany, Sofia and New Bulgaria University in Bulgaria, and many more in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Ecuador, etc. He leads special yoga retreats in Tibet, Iceland, Peru, Antarctica, and other parts of the world. His articulate and engaging teaching technique creates an open, caring environment allowing for effective learning of Yoga and spiritual life. He continues to guide aspirants all over the world into the art and science of Yoga.

To learn more about Swami Mahesh click here.

Day 1: Yoga Lifestyle: Integrating key practices of  yoga into our daily life

Wednesday 11th April, 2018 6pm-9pm

Learn how to integrate key practices from Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Bhakti Yoga into your daily life for personal growth and development.  

This workshop will include theory and practices derived from ancient Yoga Sutras for spiritual evolution and creative self-expression. The focus will be on teaching you the concepts of Pancha Kosha, the five layers of the being, Nadis, Chakras and Energy fields for complete integration of each of the different dimensions of our being. A special technique derived from Kundalini Tantra will be the highlight of the practice. This helps develop integrity and focus of all kinds of energy for a creative thrust in life. 

Learn in an open environment through discussion and practical demonstrations. The theory will include a detailed discussion on the concepts of mind and consciousness according to yoga and Tantra.  

The aim will be to bring forth a comprehensive knowledge of Yogic philosophies in a coherent harmonious way to connect you to the universal process. The practicals will include practices to activate and balance the five koshas, three major nadis and the seven major Chakras. A unique combination of theory and practice from a wandering yogi who has spent 14 years living in an ashram, learning under an adept Yoga and Tantra master. 

Day 2: Chakra Yoga: Awareness and awakening

Thursday 12th April, 2018 6pm-9pm


This workshop is for all sincere aspirants of yoga, from beginners to learned yogis. Learn how to care for your complete health. Health is defined by a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  If you wish to explore the nature of the relationship between the body and mind, a study of the yogic and tantric concept of the Chakra system is a virtual gold mine.  

The Chakra system provides us with the means to explore the different levels of our own consciousness and to maintain optimal health, higher awareness and perfect the dynamic balance between both the external and internal forces nature. In these subtle structures lie the power to transform our ordinary consciousness into a higher consciousness where everything is experienced as an expression of the Divine consciousness and the world becomes a field of blissful creative expression. 

Swami Maheshananda will present a memorable session looking at the different dimensions and aspects of the Chakra system. Chakra meditation deepens the level of self-awareness and helps explore one's own creative potential and to express it freely. Come and participate in this rare event, which will integrate Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara and Dharana practices. It doesn't matter whether you practice yoga or not. Don't miss this opportunity to meet to learn from an Indian yogi who has wisdom and understanding of advanced yoga to share with all. 

Day 3: Mind and Meditation: Connect to your inner core

Friday 13th April, 2018 6pm-9pm


This workshop is excellent for anyone wishing to learn how to calm their mind to experience the bliss of meditation. 

The Mind is a versatile instrument. However, if it is not guided in a balanced harmonious way, then the same mind becomes an obstacle in our life, we feel stress and anxiety, emotional pain and suffering over the normal events, situations and relationships in our lives. We lose connection with our own inner core. 

Meditation is the advanced yoga technique of holding the mind at one point for an extended period of time to bring about an inner connection and transformation. This helps us to internalize our awareness and draw energy from our inner being. It also helps develop strong willpower and inner strength to face difficult life situations. By becoming aware of our mental processes, we gradually become more sensitive to our needs, desires, creative potentials, phobias, projections, and mental blockages.  

This workshop will include basic asanas and pranayama practice to bring physical harmony so that the body can stay calm and quiet during the meditation. The relaxation technique, taken from the system of the Tantras, will help the mind to become relaxed and focused. Finally, the Meditation practice taken from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra will help us to connect with our inner peace, wisdom, harmony and bliss.

Registration and tariff

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Early registration Tariff: you must register before 19th March for special pricing (20% discount).

After 19th March:

Day 1: 75  €

Day 2: 75  €

Day 3: 75  €

3 day Package: 180 € 

Ticket price includes:

  • 3 hrs session of lecture + practical

Accommodation package: SOLD OUT

Please contact us if you require accommodation.

4 nights/3 days package: 450 € 

  • Includes:
  • 3 hr daily sessions
  • 3 x Breakfast
  • access to Swami Mahesh outside of the sessions

A dinner will be held after the sessions each day. Please indicate if you would like to attend this also in your registration.

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A once in a lifetime opportunity!


This is a unique opportunity where you'll learn yogic philosophies directly from the source. 

All sessions will be held in English.


Day 1: 75€

Day 2: 75€

Day 3: 75 €

3 day Package: 180 €   

Accommodation package: SOLD OUT

Please contact us.

A vegetarian dinner will be held after the sessions each day. Please indicate if you would like to attend this also in your registration. 

Jayur's 3 day Yoga Workshop

9 Cours Du Chapeau Rouge, Bordeaux, Gironde 33000, France

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